Sites like Omegle that Just Launched

You find yourself at home on a Saturday night with nothing better to do than to watch a couple movies and munch on a few snacks. That’s when you realize that you’re in need of a bit of socialization or else you’ll start going crazy from being stuck at home all alone. Omegle sites seem much more attractive at such times, but Omegle itself doesn’t always have what it takes to fill your needs. Take a look at the following websites that have recently been launched. They offer different options, features and perks than Omegle, yet they stay true to the random chat industry.



One of the most recent additions to the online world of random cams is Sexchatster. For its addictive features, its numerous users and the outstanding job the designers did with the web pages, I personally give it a 5 star rating. It’s only been around for roughly a month, yet it has enough potential to become one of the greats. In direct competition with Omegle, you should definitely give Sexchatster a try if you’re looking to expand your horizons in the random cam industry.

Whether you’re looking for a gay chat experience or even searching for some girl on girl action, this chat site has it all. I was impressed to see just how many users are already using this website considering its young age. Sex sells and Sexchatster is based around sex chat, so that is probably one of the reasons for its rapid growth rate.

Simple to use features that are packed with some punch as well as the variety of ways that you can meet strangers online makes Sexchatster a true gem in the random cam industry. Personally, I see this site like Omegle going far; it has what it takes to compete with the giants like Omegle.



LiveCam4 is another site like Omegle that has recently seen the day of light. It too has a rapid growth rate, but it doesn’t offer as many features as one would desire. Nonetheless, you do get a unique concept that is hard to find on other sites like Omegle. With LiveCam4, you’re connected with strangers on cam in groups. Up to 4 people including yourself can share each other’s webcam for some fun.

Although it has only one feature, LiveCam4 is highly addictive. You don’t need tons of different features; you only need one that works and LiveCam4 understands this. They deliver a simple to use graphical user interface with extremely fast servers that removes any lag or loss of video quality.

Even though LiveCam4 isn’t exploding with a variety of features, it does have a few different features to choose from with the platform. You can chat in groups with girls, guys or even couples. You have the option to text chat publically, privately and video chat with the people of your choice. Although LiveCam4 is new to the world of sites like Omegle, it packs a lot of fun times and makes meeting strangers online as easy as it gets.